Zephyr The 1.12.2 Pack Server Zephyr The 1.12.2 Pack Server
The "1.12.2 Pack" Minecraft Server
Who are we ?

Zephyr is a minecraft community dedicated to the "1.12.2 Pack" modpack. We have a third-party hosted server located in Germany which runs this modpack. We started at 21st of March in 2020 and we've been growing our player base ever since.
How to join ?

To play at Zephyr, make sure to join our discord server to be whitelisted and follow the steps below!
Don't have Discord?
Install Technic Launcher
Install Technic Launcher
Click here to download it!
Download "The 1.12.2 Pack"
Download and install
"The 1.12.2 Pack"!
Allocate RAM
Allocate at least 6GB of RAM in Technic Launcher! This modpack requires extra RAM to run!
Join The Server
Join our server through this
IP: zephyr.fun

  • No Griefing
  • No Hacking / Duping
  • No Massive Machines that may cause extreme lag or other problems to the server. Any massive machine will be terminated
  • Respect Banned Items. If these are banned, it is for a reason
  • Respect the Staff
  • Visit the Server Spawn before starting your survival game
  • Do not spam @mentions
  • Do not advertise other servers
  • Do not use abusive language. Respect to get respected
  • Do not share or encourage the use of exploits, cheats, or other illicit game behaviour programs
  • Do not ask for items or benefits
  • Avoid writing in CAPS
Other Info

Plugin list
Here is a list of all the plugins we use at Zephyr!
This list is subject to change, if required!
  • - ChatEx
  • - ChestShop v-3.9.2
  • - ClearLag
  • - CoreProtect v-2.14.4
  • - CraftConomy3 v-3.3.1
  • - Dynmap [Mod version] v-4.213(b)
  • - EssentialsX v-2.0.1
  • - GriefDefender v-1.5.0
  • - HolographicDisplays
  • - LagMonitor
  • - LuckPerms v-5.0.94
  • - MachinaBanItem
  • - Multiverse Core v-2.5.0
  • - Multiverse Portals v-2.5.0
  • - NuVotifier v-2.7.1
  • - PlaceholderAPI v-2.10.9
  • - TabList v-5.4.6
  • - Vault v-1.5.6
  • - WorldBorder v-1.8.7
  • - WorldEdit
  • - WorldGuard v-6.2.2
Banned Items
As the server aims for a quality time for everyone, we have a few banned items related to chunk loading.
Here is the banned items list:
Chunk Loader
(Industrial Craft 2)
Chunk Loader
Chunk Ward
(Extra Utilities 2)
Passive Worldspike
Personal Worldspike
Standard Worldspike
Worldspike Point
Config Changes
In order to keep the experience at our server smooth and much more enjoyable, we’ve made a couple changes to the “config” files, on the server-side!
Here is a list of the changes made:
- Electrotine, Peridot, Saphire and Ruby have been re-enabled in the config
- Chance to drop a second essence when harvesting has been raised form 0% to 1%
- removeErroringEntities has been set to true
- removeErroringTileEntities has been set to true
Both above mentioned settings may cause erroring entities and blocks to be removed!
- Radiation on all planets reduced by half the default amount
- Deactivated radiation on the moon
- Deactivated radiation on space stations
- Decontamination by decontaminationunit raised from 10% to 50%
- Decontamination by sleeping raised from 5% to 10%
- Morph abilities have been disabled
- Ultimate Mechanical Pipe pump rate has been increased to 50000 mB/t
- Ultimate Mechanical Pipe capacity has been increased to 500000 mB
- Anchor upgrades are no longer loading chunks
Applied Energistics 2
- Fallback recipes have been disabled
- Spot Loaders will only load chunks for 24 hours since last login
- Quarries are no longer loading chunks
- Portals are no longer loading chunks
- Stonelings have been disabled
Chunk Loading Rules
We have very strict rules related to chunk-loading. These rules prevent not only lag abuses, but also increase the server performance overall.
- Every player can buy and use a total of 20 Spot Loaders by default
- Additional Spot Loaders can be acquired with events or through donor pack
This is a list of useful commands you may use and abuse while playing at ZEPHYR:
Note that this list is subject to change if required!
- /kit <kit_name> - claims a specific kit
- /tpa <player> - requests teleport to another player
- /sethome - sets a "home" for youself
- /home - teleports you to your "home"
- /delhome - deletes your "home"
- /tps - displays server's tps
- /warp <warp name> - teleports you to a specific warp
- /money - displays your current balance
- /money pay <player name> <amount> - pay money to another player
- /abandonclaim - abandon's claim you're currently standing on
- /abandonallclaims - abandon's all your claims
Grief Defender:
-> How to check how many blocks you can claim?
Very easy! Just bring a "golden shovel" on your hand and pay attention to the chat, you should get a message from GriefPrevention Plugin with how many blocks you can claim!
-> How to check if a certain block is already claimed?
To make sure something is or is not claimed by another player, right click the block with a "stick" on your hand!
-> How to claim land?
Very important! To claim a plot for yourself, right click both corners of the desired area with a "golden shovel"!
-> How to allow other players to build?
Using the command /trust <player_name> you can allow someone to access, build and interact your plot! To revoke that access just use /untrust <player_name>
-> How to use a warp?
Simply use the command /warp <warp_name> ! Whooshhh!!! The warp list is: spawn, start, end.
-> How to teleport to another player?
This requires both intention of both players. To ask for a teleport to another player, use the command /tpa <player_name> !
-> How to go back from death point? [DONOR ONLY]
If you died and wish to return to where you last were, use the simple command /back and... welcome back!
-> How to set or delete a home?
Very simple! Just use the command /sethome <home_name> to create a home or /delhome <home_name> to delete one!
-> How to teleport to your previous created home?
Using the command /home <home_name> you'll get teleported to your home!