We use quality hardware to provide the best experience, with no lag and connection issues!
Great Ambience
Good atmosphere leads to good gaming sensation! In Zephyr everyone has their role in the community!
To prevent any kind of unwanted actions, our server operates in WL to make the server enjoyable for all!
Thriving Community
Proudly an awesome ever-growing player base!

Update #10

Voting system launch!
Voting System
- You can now vote for our server and receive [Basic] crate keys which can be used to open [Basic] crate containing awesome rewards!
- Voting can be done using /vote command in game or checking INFO tab for voting links.
- There are also [Epic] and [Legendary] crates which keys can be obtained through donor ranks or received from a vote with 1% chance!
- All crates are located at spawn so make sure to /warp spawn to check them out!
Donor Rank Changes
Donor ranks now include:
- Legend: 10 [Legendary] keys, 15 [Epic] keys
- VIP+: 5 [Legendary] keys, 10 [Epic] keys
- VIP: 5 [Epic] keys
World Border Changes
- From now on every dimension will have a world Border
- Chunks will be pre-generated in the following weeks to reduce lag when players are exploring

New world borders:
- All Galacticraft planet borders will be set to 5,000
- Nether border will be set to 10,000
- End border will be set to 10,000
- Twilight Forest border will be set to 10,000
Update #9

New Server Core
- Server core has been changed from Mohist to Cat Server. This means we will no longer experience the lag we've been having on our server due to overloading! We hope you'll notice that difference as soon as you come back to Zephyr!
Spot Loader limit increase
- Regarding recent updates spot loader limit has been increased:
- Default users: 20 spotloaders
- VIP users: 25 spotloaders
- VIP+ users: 30 spotloaders
- Legend users: 35 spotloaders

- We're also implementing a voting system aswell as a reward for each vote! Keep your eyes open for new announcements!
Update #8

New Modpack Version
- Server version updated to 1.2.2
New Mohist Version
- Mohist upated to Build #685
- Stonelings have been disabled
- Buildcraft quarries are no longer loading chunks
- Mekanism anchor upgrades are no longer loading chunks
- PortalGun Portals are no longer loading chunks
- Uncrafting table has been disabled

In addition to these changes increase of the limit of spot loaders is being considered
Update #7

Buildoff results are finally here!
- We are happy to congratulate Statur for winning the competition with his incredible build and earning his new BuildMaster title!
- The Second Place winner is Godfather_Jimeh with a likewise incredible build! Congratulations!
- and The Third Place winner is Dasbarry with his meme build! Congratulations to you!
- Every other participant is also receiving some minors awards!
- Contact an Admin or Owner to collect your prize!
Upcoming Events
- Buildoff world will stay as it is, so the builds can still be expanded and our newest players can even claim a plot for their own!
- Suggestions for future events are highly appreciated!
Update #6

New Modpack Version
- Server version updated to 1.2.1
New Mohist Version
- Mohist upated to Build #646
New GriefDefender Version
- GriefDefender has been updated to version 1.5.0
Update #5

Buildoff Event is finally here! Here you can showcase your building skills to the whole server and win awesome Prizes! Do /warp buildoff to get started!
- Buildoff Event is starting at 19:00 UTC+1 2020-07-09 and will last till 19:00 UTC+1 2020-07-23
- After the event there will be a vote to decide who won the Event!
How to Join the Event?
- Warp to Event World with /warp buildoff
- Choose which plot you want to own. (plot number is near the plot)
- Ask any Admin to assign you the plot. (this can be done in-game or in discord)
- Start building!
- 1st Place: Exclusive BuildMaster Rank, Exclusive Builders Wand, 8 Creative Modifiers, 200,000 Slacks and 20,000 Bonus ClaimBlocks.
- 2nd Place: 5 Creative Modifiers, 100,000 Slacks and 10,000 Bonus ClaimBlocks.
- 3rd Place: 4 Creative Modifiers, 75,000 Slacks and 5,000 Bonus ClaimBlocks.
- Everyone Else: 1 Creative Modifier, 10,000 Slacks.
- Spot Loaders will only load chunks for 24 hours since last login.
Update #4

- Due to enormous lag issues caused by hopper from vanilla minecraft, it has been banned. Hoppers can still be used in crafting recipes, but no longer placed in the world.
- Due to Morph abilities causing server crashes, they have been disabled until fixed by the mod author.
- Ultimate Mechanical Pipe pump rate has been increased to 50000 mB/t.
- Ultimate Mechanical Pipe capacity has been increased to 500000 mB.
Applied Energistics 2
- Fallback recipes have been disabled to combat lag issues when autocrafting Mekanism items.
- GriefPrevention has been replaced with GriefDefender as our main claiming plugin.
- Events are coming to Zephyr! In a couple of weeks ColdFlame and xXDjRouseXx will be running a couple of events. We want you to vote your favourite ideas, and if you have some more ideas feel free to reach out to us! Just to be clear: these events will be taking place on a different world and so do not fear, your progress won't be lost.

Poll to choose which event we will be running first
Update #3

Today we're pushing the server to the recommended version and also upgrading our Mohist version.
New Modpack Version
- Server version updated to 1.2.0
New Mohist Version
- Mohist updated to Build #551
Update #2

After the hardware and host change, we've reached out to a new server IP!
New IP
- You can now use the new IP to join the server: zephyr.fun
- We'd like to announce also that the winner of the "Banner Contest" that ended at 2020-05-08 is xXDjRouseXx. Congrats on the great work!
Update #1

After the new server reset, the following changes have been made:
Chunk Loader
- Chunk Loader (from IC2) has been banned, likewise the rest of the chunkloaders from the modpack. Banning chunkloaders allows the server to keep a more fresh run and smoother quality.
Uncrafting Table
- We've enabled the Uncrafting Table (from Twilight Forest). The modpack had this block disabled for use, we've changed the config so everyone can use it from now on!
Player owned shops
- Player owned shops are now open! If you want to have your our shop, visit the HomeWorld and check the Market tutorials!